Welcome to the Realms.

In a time that predates scribe and scroll there were two realms. The realm of Earth, populated by men and beast alike. The other realm, known as Toril, existed along side Earth, but in a separate reality. Initially, people could cross from one to the other, at least if you are to believe the story tellers.

Over time the two worlds grew apart, and the world filled with Elves and Dwarves were no longer visited by men and soon, what was once an open doorway became closed, covered with dust and lost in the passage of time.

While earth advanced in technology, Toril grew in Magic. On earth, skyscrapers dotted the horizon, while in Toril, dragons could be found spreading fear from the sky.

It is in this world, of sword and spell you find yourself. How you shape it, is up to you.

The Dirt Roads of Phandalin

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