Things you have learned

Gundren Rockseeker

He hired you to bring some goods along to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin.
Upon doing so you have learned that Gundren and his friend Sildar never made it to Phandalin, and that the dead horses you passed on the Triboar Trail belonged to them.

Further you discovered the Goblin’s had a base camp located in Crawmaw Cave a short distance from where the horses were killed, and presumably both Sidla and Gundren were taken.

After clearing Cragmaw Cave you rescued Sidlar (who has since joined the party) and discovered that someone named Spider had hired Klarg (Bugbear with thoughts of grandeur) through King Grol (Klarg’s leader, located at Cragmaw Castle) to kidnap Gundren and take him and any of his belongings back to Cragmaw Castle.

You have learned that the Redbrands have been terrorizing Phandalin for some time and whose crimes have included extortion (Linene, Elsa) and murder (woodcarver – Thel Dendrar)
You have slayed the Redbrand’s bringing a measure of peace to Phandalin

You have learned through the Mayor Harbin Wester that there are some troubles with Orcs on the Eastern Portion of the Triboar Trail near Wyvern Tor. You also know there is some kind of gold reward for……dealing with the problem.

When you rescued Mirna (Thel’s wife) and her children she couldn’t had nothing to pay you with (Eyes up here Gentlemen!) but she did tell you the location of a family heirloom which is in the town of Thundertree (and over run with the undead) within her families Alchemy shop. You have found the heirloom an emrald pendant

When you visited Daran (former adventurer) he mentioned that he had heard some stories from some old prospectors in the hills northeast of Phandalin. They say they spotted someone poking around the ruins known as Old Owl Well. Other prospectors have noted that they have been chased from the area by the undead. Daran stated that he is worried that someone is trying to tap into ancient magic better left alone up there.


You have learned that Thundertree has a few unwanted guests (beyond the zombies, spiders and yet to be seen weird plant things) in the form of young green dragon and potential primitive emo band running around an undead littered town in capes and masks. What? Bard’s are weird.
You have slayed the Dragon Cultists and more than one Twigblight. Venomfang? Not so much

You have also learned the whereabouts of Cragmaw Castle (where you believe Gundren is being held) and have begun your assault.

Things you have learned

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